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**PLZ NOTE the web version's specularity maps and weird. The .exe version is what it actually looks like**

A game made by Kelvin Put (kelvinput.wordpress.com) and I for Google Cardboard. This is the web build. A commentary about the inevitable loss of animal diversity, and depleting number of animals in general due to human interference. Spend some time hanging out with cute, endangered animals while listening to pretty soundscapes and a neat OST made up of music from good pals of mine and beholding graphics that are literally hand painted with acrylic.

Songs by WTCHDCTR (http://wtchdctr.tumblr.com/), Sadhana (https://sadhanarecords.bandcamp.com/), Margaret (http://margret.bandcamp.com/), Moodle (https://madelink.bandcamp.com/), m westcott (https://mwestcott.bandcamp.com/releases), Aethne Mitchell, YAOCAVE (http://yaocave.tumblr.com/), Kelvin Put (https://soundcloud.com/the-last-dregs), Cale Bradbury (https://soundcloud.com/netgrind), Bonsai Kitten, AND PROBABLY OTHERS.



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